REDS provide diving services to the UK and International clients across a wide variety of industries. With experienced divers and up-to-date equipment at their disposal, clients benefit from REDS years of experience and knowledge.

Offshore Diving

• Windfarms
• Monopile support to installation / OEM / Inspection
• Cables
• Salvage and Recovery
• Mattress laying
• Pipeline installation, inspection and repair
• Underwater welding and cutting
• Vessel supply

Inshore Diving

• Canals, locks, weirs
• Bridges, piers, jetties
• Ports, docks
• Vessels
• Salvage and recovery
• Nuclear


• Corrosion prevention - cathodic protection and bathycorrometers
• Ultrasonic thickness testing
• Surveys including ROV / Video / Photographic



Rope Access

REDS provide a quality rope access service, which can be combined with diving and/or confined space for a comprehensive and cost effective offering. Project managed with an experienced and qualified team, projects are completed with efficient effectiveness.

As members of IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Associaition), REDS operate with a commitment to safety bringing piece of mind to the client. 

• Inspection
• Surveying
• Berthing limitation survey
• Technowrap - Pipe repairs
• NDT & Visual inspection
• Paint inspection & application
• Corrosion monitoring
• Repairs
• Welding
• Cleaning
• Netting
• Fall arrest system installation


Confined Space Operations

REDS confined space team conduct inspections, maintenance and surveys and can be combined with diving or rope access services, to provide a complete package for clients.

• Inspections
• Maintenance
• Surveys
• Single site team project management


Shore End Cable Installation & Burial

REDS skilled team provide shore end cable installation and burial services to the offshore renewable energy :

• Submarine cable beach landings (Telecoms and Power)
• Vessel supply
• Cable protection
• Cable burial
• Shallow water cable burial
• Beach man hole works
• Supply of plant and machinery
• HDD Pull in operations
• Diver swim surveys
    • Shore end site investigation
    • Shallow water cable repairs / cable recovery
    • Monopile works
• J Tube Installation
• Maintenance
• Engineering solutions
• Rope Access Solutions-IRATA
• ROV Supply
• Internal and external NDT
    • Offshore Platform Pull Ins.
• Supply of Qualified Personnel
    • Preparation of cable crossings
• Cable Mattressing Operations
• Bagging
• Cable protection shells
    • Cable Route engineering
    • Survey